Client: Supreme DBA | Dents


Supreme DBA were commissioned to create a Christmas advert for Dents.
The agency approached us to assist with the project and capture both aerial and the ground content for this short ad. We also assisted with the colour grading of the final content.


Agency: Supreme – DBA
Creative Director: Justin Barrow
Producer: Robyn Blackwood
Cinematographer & Aerials : Justin Glynn
Grading: Justin Barrow / Justin Glynn
Music: Snowflakes by Christoffer Franzen

The Road
I’ll leave at dawn to reach you
Down roads lasting longer than day light
Chasing the winter sun towards the coast
My promise to reach you by twilight
No journey is too long to see you again
I’ll be kept warm by the thought of you
This christmas, home is where the heart is
My heart belogs with you.
Let me give you the gifts that you deserve.
Like hands kissed by a glove.
By Christmas Eve, I will be home.
My pilgrimage to you.
Merry Christmas, my love.