Client: RNLI


The Unknown – Behind every rescue is a volunteer……

This is a short film about a group of people who venture out into the unknown to save lives at sea. 
This is for and about the men and women of the RNLI.

Unknown menace can lurk beneath. When you see the sea as a beautiful rippling blanket of sunrise – a flat sea, still as a pond sparkling with dawn, then you don’t really see the sea at all. You miss its missing dormant strength, its powers untapped, it’s muscles unflexed, dozing, dreaming and caressing the shore. A elemental force that can place disaster round every corner.

But some few are always preparing for when that menace will surface. Constant planning and checking that they will be ready when needed.

So the sea – worked on; played on; and travelled over- is a place where we can all go and hardly ever realise the danger, the darkness that can rise and take you anytime, anywhere. 
So it is a day to relax with your hobby, your friends, your family, your team. Ordinary people living their lives – but then comes the call. The sea has ceased its slumber or someone has had a mishap and that few ordinary people now choose to do an extraordinary thing.

Whatever, whenever and however a problem arises for those at sea, the crew of the lifeboats are there. Prepared, calm, well trained, they will leave family, friends, jobs and their own lives behind as they set out to save lives at sea – to put themselves at risk for the lives of strangers.

You can never tell how serious a call may be and at any moment a greater trouble can raise its head. Whatever, whenever and however it happens these ordinary people will be there volunteering to do something extra ordinary to save lives at sea.

Some 23 people a day are rescued by the RNLI. 4600 men and women volunteer to stand in the path of danger and that is simply extraordinary.

Words by: David James